Tualatin River Keepers Summer Camps

Wednesdays (1-3pm): July 12 & 26 and August 2 & 16


Dirkson Park


Classroom session based on the theme of each camp, e.g., ecology, eco-systems, entomology, human impact on the environment, cold water conservation, stream sustainability, salmonids and anadromous fish, various habitats, water sheds, etc.


Fridays (9am-noon): July 14 & 28 and August 4 & 18


Cook Park


2 sessions: 9:15am – 10:15; 10:30 - 11:30am


(11:30 – noon lunch; PM can stay for more fishing or swimming or free play)


2 groups, 1 hr. each: TU fishing related topics (3 vols.); scavenger hunt (3 TRK staff)


24 campers/session


July 10-14 for 7-10 yrs. Nature Sleuths (nature’s mysteries why certain animals and plants are or are not in park and human impact on water in area, eco-systems)


July 24-28 for 10-13 yrs. Amazing Adaptations (animal and plant survival; use spoon (mole) and golf tee (wood pecker beak) to dig out rotting log and dirt) cooperation with other animals and symbiotic, defense mechanisms stinging needles and poison oak)


July 31-August 4 for 7-10 yrs. Sense of Place (at one with nature, David Sobal sound mapping, where Dirkson Park is situated; difference from where they live; nature journaling on a sit-spot on lawn, baseball field, creek; use 5 senses to record what they sense and draw; bird language - 5 types of bird calls group mapping; from Metro Nature University materials; what does birds tell us?)


August 14-18 for 10-13 yrs. Living Waters (water conservation and fishing; water-centric, why is  it importance, need for it, water quality testing on Summer Creek, state a hypothesis, macroinvertebrate collection, # and kind to determine health; at Cook Park break into groups, note difference in Tualatin River versus man-made structures and how the type of water affects the animal and plant life.)