Time for Change

Leaves turn colors and fall from trees, time marches forward. 


We are surrounded by reminders of how the world changes and how we have had to adapt.  It has become apparent that the Tualatin Valley Chapter of Trout Unlimited has to move forward as well.  We have done many wonderful things in the eight years that I have edited The Trout Line.  The focus on conservation of coldwater resources has been a constant as we have grown programs like Christmas for Coho and our Youth Programs. 


The Trout Line has been a rare gift to me, as the editor, to work with some extraordinary persons, dedicated to our mission.  The sharing of knowledge and insight from our terrific contributors has made my chore as the compiler of this newsletter a joyful adventure in learning and pleasure. 


As we prepare for driverless cars and artificial intelligence we will also evolve our communication with members of this Chapter.  I am saddened to know that our current newsletter is no longer an effective way to share our mission and knowledge with the great folks in TVTU.  At the same time I am eager to work with Lori Day and any other members who want to grow and enhance our communication within the organization. 


I am putting to bed The Trout Line, in this format, with this issue.  I cannot adequately thank the contributors who brought their work to me.  All I did was compile their intellect and enthusiasm into a document like this in a way that I hope was enjoyable our valued members.  I would also like to thank the Board of Directors for their support and tolerance as I put these issues together.  I am sure that I tested their patience from time-to-time in the effort to build an issue.  I also want to thank my “eagle-eyed” copy editor (you know who you are) for repairing my work to make me appear better than I am at putting this work together. 


May all of you enjoy life and grow in knowledge and motivation to preserve coldwater resources. 


Many thanks,