The Trout Line Newsletter - May 7, 2018


May 7, 2018


Welcome to The Trout Line Newsletter! This is our Tualatin Valley Trout Unlimited Chapter newsletter that will be coming out twice a month on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month.



Outing to Lost Lake

Written by Andy Andrews

The outing to Lost Lake (above the Nehalem River) was held on April 15th.  Lost is a 15 acre lake located on private property but open to public fishing.  It is a put and take lake with a limit of five fish per person.  The lake can be very crowded with bank fisherman, pontoon boats and float tubes.  No motors are allowed on floating craft except for electric motors.   

When I arrived on a Sunday morning, the parking lot indicated that very few people were on site.  This was not a surprise considering that the weather was very misty and cold, but no wind.  When I say very misty, I mean if you lost sight of the bank, you could not tell where on the lake you were.   The fishing was probably the best I have ever experienced at Lost Lake.  Within 15 - 20 minutes of fishing, I had caught enough fish that I would have won a free ride back to Portland in the back of a sheriffs car, if I had been keeping the fish.  All the fish I caught were returned to the lake uninjured.  The fish I caught ranged in size from 10 to 13 inches, with most being cookie cutters of around 12 inches.  There were a good number of steelhead swimming near the surface and jumping in the lake.  

I don't believe that I had tied a 'magic' fly, or had discovered a unique technique, but that my good fortune was the result of fishing a lake that had been recently heavily stocked and the weather had discouraged others from fishing the lake.  Period.  Lost Lake can be fished with bait (the dreaded Power Bait can be seen floating everywhere at times), lures or flies.  I was using a floating line, and attached was a A.P. Emerger, and I used that pattern the entire time I was there.  If I did not have a hit, fish on, or fish in at the net within 5 - 10 minutes, I had lost my fly, lake debris was tangled in my fly, or there was some other problem.  There were two canoes on the lake and they would drift by and ask me what I was using and I would tell them and they would look at each other as if to say "What the hell is an A.P. Emerger?".  I would then say, "A little gray fly!".  The most common reply at that point was, "Oh, you're fly fishing!".  

About 1:30, the rain started in earnest and I headed to the boat ramp to pull the tube and met two men just starting out. They told me that I shouldn't leave because the fishing was just getting started.  Jokingly I told them that the by - laws of our organization stated that after I had caught every fish in the lake twice, I had to accept the trouts terms of surrender and quit fishing.  The two men chuckled and  disappeared in the rain and mist.   It rain all the home.  


Meetings Location and Dates

Regular chapter meetings are held at the Lucky Labrador Public House 7675 SW Capitol Hwy. Portland, OR 97219 (503) 244-2537.  Food and beverage available.  Social get together starts at 6:30 pm and formal meeting starts at 7:00 pm unless otherwise noted in the newsletter or website.

May Meeting: May 9, 2018

Speaker:  Joel La Follette

Topic:  Oregon Trout Trail

The Oregon Trout Trail was conceived as a way to inspire anglers to explore the great state of Oregon.  We have such an abundance and variety of Trout fishing opportunities in our state yet many of us are stuck in a rut of fishing the same waters all the time.  The Oregon Trout Trail is a challenge to any and all who wish to try to catch and release 6 native Trout species in our state.  Hopefully in doing so they will discover places they have never been to before and gather memories that will last a lifetime.  For more information about Joel La Follette


June Meeting: June 13, 2018

Speaker:  Simon Gawesworth

Topic:  Fly Line Talk

Today’s fly fisher is confronted with a myriad of different fly line profiles and types – whether a trout, saltwater or Spey angler. There are so many fly lines on the market, that many fly fishers are left confused by the selection and frequently use the wrong line for a situation.

This talk is designed to give attendees a complete understanding of the importance of fly line design, and how choosing the right fly line can make the worst rod in the world, work perfectly or, if chosen wrongly, can make the best fly rod fail miserably.

Part history, part physics, part chemistry, this talk is packed with invaluable information that anglers (and even non-anglers), will find fascinating and humorous. At the end of the night, attendees will leave with a far greater understanding of fly line importance and knowledge, and a few will even leave with some very useful swag that gets handed out during the talk (fly lines, leaders, hats, tees and such).

Simon's Bio
Simon learned to fish at the age of 6 and took up fly fishing when aged 8, being trained by his father - well known fly fishing instructor and author, John Gawesworth. By the time he left school at 16 to teach fly fishing Simon had become the British Junior casting champion, repeating the feat the next year. In the following years Simon broke seven British casting records and won the adult casting championships three times in succession, representing England in two European and one World Team Championships.
With the collapse of the British Casting Association and the tournament casting scene in the UK, Simon turned his hand to competitive fly fishing. Over the following years Simon represented England in three home internationals (against Ireland, Scotland and Wales), two European championships and five World Championships, culminating in the prestige of becoming the England Team Captain and Manager for the 2003 World Championships in Spain.
During his career Simon has written numerous articles for the fishing press, published two books on spey casting, presented five instructional videos and DVD’s, appeared on numerous television and radio shows, demonstrated casting at fly fishing shows around the world and is recognized as one of the leading authorities on Spey casting and fly casting instruction.
He is a FFF Master and THCI (Two Handed Casting Instructor) certified instructor and also holds the APGAI and STANIC diplomas for Fly Fishing Instruction in the UK.
Simon lives in SW Washington and works for RIO Products, where he designs and tests fly lines, as well as being the Brand Manager for RIO. He conducts fly casting classes and seminars around the world.
Simon is married with two children.


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