The Trout Line Newsletter - Dec. 17, 2018


December 17, 2018


Welcome to The Trout Line Newsletter! This is our Tualatin Valley Trout Unlimited Chapter newsletter that will be coming out twice a month on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month.


Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast by Dave Stewart

Dave Stewart interviewed our very own Jerry Lorang, the Deputy Region Coordinator for the NW Region for Project Healing Waters.  They talked about family, fly fishing, and how Project Healing Waters has become one of the big resources for veterans struggling with PTSD and various other issues.  Here is the link to the podcast:


Fly of the Month - Orange Beadhead Maribou Leech


Written by Mike Gentry

For reasons I'm not sure I understand, trout in the lakes I fish seem to key on an orange leech.  Maybe they just got tired of seeing the standard black, brown or olive varieties.  Here is a simple maribou leech that performs well.

Hook:        Tiemco 2302 #8   
Thread:     Brown 8/0
Head:        1/8 inch gold bead
Body:        Orange or burnt orange maribou
Tail Flash:  Flashibou

1. Run the beadhead on the hook and move snug against the eye.

2. Attach the thread immediately behind the bead and wrap some turns of thread against the back of the bead to keep it from sliding back from the eye. 

3. Wind the thread back and forth from the bead to the turn of the hook several times to coat the hook shank with thread.  End up at the turn of the hook.

4.  Tie in four strands of flashabou and clip to leave them about the length of the shank.

5.  Clip a fair-sized clump of maribou strands from a feather, being careful to keep the tip ends even.  Tie them in, bunched around the hook shank at the turn of the hook, so that they extend back to the tips of the flashibou and cover all around the hook shank.  Clip the excess.

6.  Wind the thread forward halfway to the back of the bead and tie in another clump of maribou there in the same manner.  Clip the excess.

7.  Wind the thread to the back of the bead and tie in another clump of maribou there in the same manner.  Clip the excess as close to the bead as possible.

8.  Wind the thread a number of times over the maribou clipped ends at the back of the bead (perhaps 1/8 inch width of thread winds) to cover them, tie off and clip the thread and put a drop of head cement on the thread wraps.                                            


Meetings Location and Dates

Regular chapter meetings are held at the Lucky Labrador Public House 7675 SW Capitol Hwy. Portland, OR 97219 (503) 244-2537.  Food and beverage available.  Social get together starts at 6:30 pm and formal meeting starts at 7:00 pm unless otherwise noted in the newsletter or website.

January Meeting Jan. 9 - Marc Williamson - The Art and Science of Reading Water

Marc will discuss proven techniques for reading rivers through the four needs of all trout.  He will define the types of lies that are present in a river as well as illustrate why trout choose the locations that they do.  He will cover some specific situations that you may find in moving water.

February Meeting Feb. 13 - Jonah Sandford, Executive Director - Deschutes River Alliance




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