South Twin Lake Outing

It’s not unusual for me to get a number of phone calls from prospective outing attendees about road conditions, camp spots availability and other issues, and so it was with the Twin Lake outings.  I’m already hearing possible road conditions and snow levels concerning the Timothy Lake outing.  I take those comments very seriously and I do what I can to check conditions out before the outing.  It is up to you to check out online sites for changes in conditions that might affect the outings. 


I did have to change the dates of the South Twin outing because, though all lakes are open year round in Oregon, two lakes in the Deschutes county have opening dates at the same time as our planned outing for the South Twin Lake.  All campground and cabin rentals had long been occupied for our planned outing dates because they coincided with the opening on Wickiup Lake.  That may have caused some issues in the attendance numbers, I don’t know. 


Before attending an outing you can call Andy at 971 - 409 - 6149.  You can also check:


On the road from Sunriver to South Twin I saw only one spot of snow in the shadows of a ditch along side the road.  And when I arrived at the campground on Thursday, only two campsites were occupied and  22 campsites were left open.  The two occupied spots were not TU members.  My thought was, “Ok, so more campers will be showing up on Friday”. 


On Friday, one more TU member did show up, bringing the TU members present at the South Twin outing to a total of 2.  I have seen these numbers before but they are very rare.  Maybe the stars were not correctly aligned, or who knows what happened?  The low turnout is nothing I take personally.  The normal South Twin campout numbers run around an average of 12 to 15 people.  The two of us, and a third invited guest for the Saturday night dinner, ate very well.  Please understand that I’m not screaming the sky is falling in regards to the numbers of outing members but I’ll be keeping my eye on the number of participating members on the outings. 


Thursday night there was a thunder and lightning storm that did not hit the area but the lightning flashes lit up the campground and it was a spectacular event.  Just after I went to bed something was hitting the tent and it sounded as if I was in a popcorn popper.  It was a very soft form of hail about the size of popcorn and the hail fell apart as soon as it hit something so no damage was done.  But it was an unique experience.  The rest of the days at South Twin were daily warm and sunny with the usual cold nights putting a little ice in the water jugs.


I could say the fishing was ’spotty’ but in reality, it was just simply poor.  The few fish taken (more soft hits than fish taken) were 18 inches and very colorful.  I had some soft hits and an LDR.


The poor fishing was not centered around the two of us, as most fisherman seemed to be having the same poor luck.  You did not see many fish landed and the occasional bank bait fisherman would have one or two on a stringer, many had none.