President's Column - May/June 2017

Our chapter outing schedule has already started and I am looking forward to Timothy Lake in June.  This is one of my favoirte outings, thanks to the volunteer effort by Andy Andrews of TVTU and Jeff Horton of Clackamas River TU.  The fishing may includes some large fish this year.  ODFW's stocking schedule for 2017 is similar to last year.  They are stocking fewer eight inch fish and more 16 inch fish.  The ODFW stocking schedule plans for 2,500 of the trophy fish.  My picture on this column show me landing one of them.

Link to 2016 Timothy Lake Article on page 2

This link is for the article I wrote for the September/October, 2016 newsletter about the Timothy outing.  It is on page two of the liked newsletter.  We will be in the North Arm of the lake and there is no guarantee about the fish population.  The decision for the actual location on Timothy for stocking is left to the hatchery truck drivers.

If you are new to Timothy, you can get some helpful suggestions about gear, flies, and methods from Andy Andrews,

My favorite flies for this lake imitate black carpenter ants, alderflies or micro midges.  These insects may not provide a reliable hatch every day, but the fish will have probably seen some of them by June.  I have had good results using subsurface flies, such as soft hackles, to imitate a drowned ant or alderfly.  

Our June chapter meeting is after the outing and we will have reports.  Our guest speaker will be Jeff Morgan, and he is an expert on Timothy.  I have not heard his planned program, but I am sure he would be willing to talk a little about the lake.

The annual chapter potluck picnic is July 12, 6PM, at Cook Park in Tigard, shelter #3.  The announcement with details will be in the next newsletter issue.