Future Meeting Schedule and Speakers

Meeting Schedule:  Regular chapter meetings are held at the LUCKY LABRADOR PUBLIC HOUSE on the second Wednesday of each month at 6:30 PM with a social get-together and the formal meeting at 7:00 PM unless otherwise noted in the newsletter or website.  Lucky Labrador Public House, Multnomah Village, 7675 SW Capitol Hwy.  Portland,  (503) 244-2537.  Food and beverages available.


July 12, 2017


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Sept.13, 2017

Speaker:  Stacie Kelsey

Topic:  Trout fishing opportunities in SW Washington


Stacie Kelsey, Inland Fish Program Scientific Technician, will talk about trout fishing opportunities in SW Washington.  This talk is designed to provide specific information on where to go, when and how to fish.  There will be goody bags full of information provided to each member.  If you are looking for new fishing spots be sure to attend this meeting.


Oct. 11, 2017

Speaker:  Michael Gorman

Topic:  Effective Stillwater Fishing


Michael's presentation will focus on the building blocks of creating a game plan for catching fish in lakes and ponds.  He will cover aquatic entomology, equipment, most importantly lines and leaders, productive flies and methods, watercraft, researching lakes and locating the fish, and embracing challenges to enhance our learning on slow fishing days.

Michael Gorman guides year-round for steelhead and trout--- Rogue, McKenzie, Santiams, Upper Willamette, Siletz, Nestucca, Trask Rivers.  He has written numerous magazine articles, and has authored three books: Steelhead Fly Angling, The American Nymph Fly Fishing Guide, and Effective Stillwater Fly Fishing.