Fly of the Month - Simple Green Emerger


Hook:  Tiemco 2487 #s 10-18

Thread: Olive 8/0

Body: Olive goose biot

Thorax: Light gray muskrat

Wing: Deer hair


I made up this pattern while fooling around one day.  I'm not sure what it represents - prehaps a BWO if small enough, or a Green Drake if larger.  It just looked "buggy".  But I can tell you that the fish thinks it's something to eat.  The featured fly is olive, but I suspect it would also work as well in gray or tan.


1.  Tie the time of a goose biot about halfway around the hook bend, then wind the thread to just behind the eye.


2. Grab the butt of the goose biot with hackle pliers, and then wind the biot forward to about 4/5 of the way to the eye.  Tie off and clip.


3. Select a small clump of deer hair, remove the underhair and stack the hair in a hair stacker.  This emerger has a sparse developing wing; you'll only want fifteen or so deer hairs.


4. Attach the hair clump on top of the hook at the front of the body, with five or six thread wraps.  Clip the butts of the hair clump to leave a little bit sticking out behind the tie-in point.


5.  Form a dubbing loop, insert a little bit of muskrat, and create a small diameter "yarn".  Wind two turns of yarn over the tie-in thread, then lift the front of the hair clump and wind one turn in front of the clump.  This will help hold the sparse wing upward and pointing slightly forward.  Tie off, and clip the excess closely.


6. Form a thread head, finish with three half-hitches, clip and seal the head with a small drop of head cement.