Editor Wanted

At the last meeting of the Board of Directors of the Tualatin Valley Trout Unlimited Chapter I announced my intention to retire from the task of editing the Trout Line to devote more time to family, TU Veteran Service Partnerships and leisure (fishing) activities.  I will make the November/December 2017 issue my last as the editor. 


I chose to end this run with the last issue of this year because I have honestly enjoyed the job and benefited greatly from the opportunity to publish this newsletter.  I have learned a great deal about fishing, editing and life while banging away on my computer to put this together.  It is my hope that the remainder of this year can be useful in developing a plan for the future and a smooth transition to the next generation of this great publication. 


My expectation is that new ideas and technology can be applied to the distribution of this message.  These changes would make the message more accessible to our members and useful to the community of conservation-minded coldwater fishers.  Consider being the cornerstone of that change and give some thought and time to continuing the process of communicating with our more than 600 members.  Let me or any board member if you are interested in becoming the editor/communications director. 


Please accept my thanks for allowing me to come into your life for the last 7-plus years.  I am grateful to so many for their support over this time and I hope I can express that gratitude sufficiently well in the next 12 months. 

Jerry Lorang, Editor