Board News

THANKS!  After voting further support in 2016 to the Deschutes River Alliance (DRA), TVTU received a thank you letter and backup report from the DRA for our support in the Deschutes effort. Thank you to our members who provided the means and concern to guide us in this direction. DRA Executive Director Jonah Sandford’s letter can be viewed HERE along with the DRA Summary on their efforts. As a reminder, the May 10, 2017 TVTU Member Meeting will feature Jonah of DRA.


BE AWARE! The environmental review process began on September 30th for the 14 Columbia and Snake River Dams operated by the Army Corp, BPA and Bureau of Reclamation. This is a critical time for us to be involved in this process. It is anticipated to extend into 2021. Additional information on the process as well as online contacts and meeting schedules can be found HERE.




October 24 - Jan 17: Scoping meetings will be held from October 24 – December 8th in 14 communities in the Columbia Basin and one in Seattle.


Any attendance would be great but Trout Unlimited has asked for at least one volunteer per meeting to testify on behalf of the organization, their State Council and their local chapter. TU will provide talking points, but encourage a local voice at these events.


October 24 - January 17, 2017: Public written comment period. Written input can play an important role as well and should be considered if attendance is not possible.


March 2020: the expected date of a written Draft Environmental Impact Statement.


DWAYNE MEADOWS, as the TU PNW Outreach Coordinator, will be managing all outreach with chapters for Washington and Oregon. Contact him with any questions or if you have interest in becoming more involved.


Tom Wolf continues to be busy tracking legislative issues in Salem – his pending retirement has failed to slow him. Tom will be at the November member meeting to discuss his activities especially related to Suction Dredge Mining in Oregon and ODFW Long Term Funding. Your November 9th Member Meeting will also be the Annual State of TVTU Meeting with reports on your Chapter.


C4C: (Christmas for Coho) its just around the corner! CONTACT US to find out how to be involved.