2016 Update Project Healing Waters - By Jerry Lorang

You may have noticed the very generous coverage of Oregon’s Trout Unlimited Veterans Services Programs in the annual report that was recently mailed out by the Oregon Council of Trout Unlimited.  I am always taken aback when I realize how much effort and how many veterans’ lives are affected by the work being done for those who served.  TVTU sponsors the oldest and largest program, Project Healing Waters, in Oregon.  Having been active in Portland/Vancouver since 2008, this program has benefited from the support of members of TVTU to provide expert fly fishing mentorship and administrative help.  We have great plans for the future along with our regularly scheduled workshops in the Portland/Vancouver area. 


This page features the calendars for our three major workshops in the area.  As future plans become clearer, more information will be made available to Chapter members.  Please join us for any of the workshops and suggest that any veteran-friends join us if they are interested in learning more about fly fishing. 


Let me take this opportunity to highlight a part of our program that gets very little exposure.  Twice a month two of our great volunteers go to Cedar Hills Hospital, a rehabilitation center that focuses on mental health, substance abuse and other psychological needs.  The program is an in-house, lockdown program that can extend to 45 days for active duty military members, those serving in the National Guard and veterans.  Ron Reinebach is the lead person on the team that includes George Wilson and Chuck Cooney.  Two of them enter the facility and tie flies with inpatients.  This program is in its 4th year.  My deepest thanks to Ron, George and Chuck for this selfless extra effort. 


If you choose to join us at any of our workshops you may just come to observe or bring your tying materials and tools and get some hands on experience. 


Veterans who attend are provided all materials and tools that they need to learn.  When we invite veterans to join us on outings they are provided food, lodging (when needed), transportation (when needed) and all the equipment they need to catch fish at no cost!  This is possible through a very generous network of donors and volunteers. 


Please feel free to join us anytime and direct any questions to me.  You should offer to a veteran who is interested that they can contact me anytime.  Jerry Lorang - Email: jerrylorang@gmail.com or Phone: 971-404-5154.